Coronavirus Update 22-March-2020
I hope you’re managing to stay safe and like us at We Fix Feet, are taking measures to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.
As you may have seen from our recent social media posts, at this time, We Fix Feet clinics remain open for booked appointments only.
I urge you, however, only to attend the clinics if you have an appointment booked.
We ask that for all other enquiries such as booking or rearranging appointments, that this is done by phoning us on 0115 9328832 or visiting our website online booking system.
The link for online bookings is attached. If you or any of your household are feeling unwell or have even the slightest signs or symptoms associated with COVID-19, then we urge you to remain at home and to self isolate in accordance with Government instruction.
Here at We Fix Feet we continue to take precautions to keep both you and our team safe. However, for this to be effective, we also need your help. We’ve introduced social distancing measures within our clinics where practicable to do so. We ask that you also allow us to sanitise your hands when you enter and exit our clinics. Please leave your outdoor clothing on the coat hooks provided and do not bring bags into the treatment rooms.
We request that only the person who is booked for their appointment attends the clinic. Please do not bring other family members or friends with you. If you do not require their direct assistance for mobility or communication purposes, they will be requested to remain outside.
It is recommended that you pay by debit or credit card in order to minimise cash handling and the potential risk of cross-infection. You will see our team wearing disposable aprons, face masks and gloves throughout the clinics, including our reception areas.
Please do not be offended if we sanitise surfaces that you have touched. You will see us regularly sanitising door handles and touch-surfaces. This is to minimise the risk of potential cross-contamination of Coronavirus. Please do not be alarmed, as these are standard measures that have been recommended by the Department of Health. This is to protect everyone. Therefore, we encourage you to do the same in your own homes, as Coronavirus can remain active on surfaces for several days. Door handles and other touch-surfaces can be points of high infection risk. Please continue to wash your hands thoroughly on a frequent basis. We have also increased our decontamination processes, which are above and beyond regular hygiene standards recommended by Public Health England. We are updating you on our systems as regularly as possible either via our website or social media channels. Please visit our website or social media channels for regular clinic updates. The links are attached.
You may notice that we are reducing our team members time on site. This is following Government recommendations on social distancing and to help minimise the spread of Coronavirus. In the coming days, weeks or months; depending on how the spread of COVID-19 manifests itself, we may need to rearrange your appointment if there is a need to consolidate clinic opening hours in order to keep you and our team safe. If and when this need occurs, we will contact you directly. Please bear with us during this time. We will remain open for as long as it is safe for us to do so. However, as at all times, our priority is your safety and that of our team members. GP’s surgeries and NHS hospitals are under immense pressure at this time. Therefore, we urge anyone with any foot-related problems that develop, cause discomfort or hinder your mobility, to phone us and we will get you seen as quickly as possible. This will allow us as a nation to reduce the pressure on NHS resources during these uncertain and unprecedented times.
So, to recap… We are adapting to minimise the potential risk for the spread of Coronavirus. If you have a foot-related problem and you are clear of symptoms related to COVID-19, please phone us for an appointment, or book online via our website. If you need to rearrange your existing appointment, please phone us rather than visiting the clinics. We remain open for booked appointments at this time. We Fix Feet are Your Footcare Experts and as such, we’re here to help you for as long as we are able to.
Take care and stay safe.
Thank you We Fix Feet Limited 22-Mar-2020

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