Postural Analysis

A posture assessment allows us to observe and analyse how your body is aligned when your stand still and when you move, such as squatting or walking. It can also determine your risk of injury and source of disorders, such as back or knee pain.

A posture assessment is needed so we can provide you with proper exercise treatment for your pain, movement dysfunction or goals.

Two types of posture assessments are carried out

  • The static posture assessment, which examines a person's posture in a standing position with the legs hip-width apart and the arms to the sides. We observe your posture from the front, back and side views, and sometimes from above.
  • In a dynamic posture assessment, we examine the your gait, squat and other movement patterns.

In each assessment we are looking to see what posture error is occurring and which muscles are compensating for the deviation.

We are looking for which muscles are tight and which muscles are weak. Tight muscles need to be stretched with a flexibility program and weak muscles need to be strengthened through a strengthening program.

From our analysis of your posture, we will make recommendations to reduce the risk of injury and pain to your back, hips, knees and feet.