Shoe Fit Assessment

The Importance of Good Footwear

When conducting our comprehensive footwear assessments there are many factors which we take into consideration.

Footwear can be the key in many injury cases. The style of shoe you wear and its intended use are two of the most critical factors we analyse during our footwear assessments.

Wearing the correct footwear for your individual situation, whether it be work, sport or leisure, is the first step and primary factor in reducing foot related injuries and maintaining good foot health.

Footwear, is the key to the puzzle in many injury cases. Runners particularly present with injuries after changing their footwear. It can be difficult to find the best shoe for yourself, particularly if the manufacturer has somehow changed the design of your most favourite and comfortable model of shoe.

It is vital that you have the correct fitting and style of footwear for your chosen activity.

Our podiatrists are experts appropriate footwear for individual situations. We are able to accurately recommend you the correct footwear and orthotics insoles, or for your day to day activity or chosen sport.

The wear patterns on your shoes can tell us a lot about your biomechanics and any dysfunction that might exist. That’s why we ask that you bring a selection of shoes with you on your first visit to us.