Plasma – a game changer in verruca & wart treatment

Do you have stubborn, persistent verrucae or warts?

Have you exhausted all of your treatment options? Don’t want to try painful treatments?

Verruca Pen II is a new, relatively painless treatment to remove difficult verrucas. It uses plasma technology and is a completely new way of treating verrucas and warts both on the hands and feet.

How it works

Whereas acids dissolve skin, and cryosurgery creates a cold burn to the verruca or wart, plasma works completely differently by destroying the verruca using thermal energy. As the plasma generated is incredibly small it can be highly effective at pinpointing the verruca.

The plasma vaporises the verruca tissue using a very fine micro-probe. This vaporisation is quick and it is very rarely felt by the patient. As the Plasma Verruca Pen uses the micro-probes, only the lesion is sublimated without disturbing healthy skin around the infected area. Thermal plasma technology has been successfully used in surgical techniques for many years. Now it is available in-clinic at We Fix Feet for the treatment of verrucae and warts.

“Verruca Pen II” works on a verruca by disrupting the virus that hides in the skin. It will be sublimated and evaporate the skin cells at surface level around it and prompts the body’s own immune system to fight the virus.

Designed to strict safety standards and in accordance with the EU low voltage directive, The Verruca Pen II device is manufactured within the United Kingdom and uses ground-breaking technologies to ensure consistent delivery of a stable plasma arc. 

The benefits?

This virtually painless treatment is suitable and tolerated by children and adults, and takes only a few minutes. When the area is treated with Verruca Pen II it leaves a brownish/black area and this will drop off after about a week. There’s no need for awkward dressings that you need to keep dry or regularly change.

Most verrucas can be treated within 3 – 4 sessions, spaced at monthly intervals.

This treatment is ideal for those unable to tolerate the discomfort of more painful treatments, yet want visible results from more than topical over the counter options. As with all verruca and wart treatments, new and fresh verruca or warts in younger healthy patients may clear quicker than adults with a more established viral lesion or compromised immune system.