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Verruca treatment with Swift Microwave Therapy is the new alternative to painful cryotherapy, acids and Read More
Verruca Pen II is a new, relatively painless treatment to remove difficult verrucas. Read More
This is a new therapeutic treatment for verruca and warts. Read More
Do you suffer from involuted, pincer or ingrown toenails? The Onyfix Toenail Correction system offers Read More
Orthotic insoles are helpful for certain foot conditions and anatomies. However, only when you wear Read More
Do you want to get more out of life with a Biomechanical Assessment?  Therefore, it Read More
Are you affected by ugly verruca, hard skin, calluses and corns, or trying to cope Read More
Are you affected by verrucas or warts? Ask us how cryosurgery could help you! Read More
Many people are affected by fungal nail infections/fungal toenails. While they’re a common foot health Read More
There’s a new clinical test for nail infection which gives accurate results in under 5 Read More
Troubled by ingrown, deformed or painful toenails?  We are here to help you! Read More
Toenail reconstruction is a simple process which enhances damaged or discoloured toenails. Read More
Sports massage is a strong, deep form of massage that focuses on the cause of Read More
Whether you play sport to a high standard or enjoy sport socially, our clinician can Read More
Acupuncture involves the use of small, disposable, single-use, sterile needles to pierce the skin's surface Read More
Cupping therapy is a soft tissue therapy that encourages healing by creating a suction on Read More
Lower Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is the use of specific frequencies and pulses of intense, Read More

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