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We help people like you with a range of footcare treatments

Are you or your children affected by verrucas, hard skin, calluses, and corns, or are you trying to cope with foot or joint pain? Our friendly and professional footcare specialists at We Fix Feet can help you with a range of effective treatments.

We Fix Feet - Kids

We offer children’s foot health consultations for children from the age of 12 months to 18 years at our Beeston and Ilkeston footcare clinics.

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What to Expect

Our team of highly experienced professionals provide personalised high-quality care in the management of a range of disorders associated with the foot. We would like you or your children’s visit to We Fix Feet Footcare clinics to be a pleasant one.  Here are some frequently asked questions:

Meet The Team

Our team are devoted and highly qualified professionals.  As such, they’re dedicated to improving your quality of life and maintaining your mobility – pain-free.

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