What to expect at a Biomechanical / MSK Assessment

Preparation for Biomechanical/Musculoskeletal Assessment

To ensure a comprehensive examination, it is crucial to bring specific items to your appointment. Bring a selection of your regularly worn footwear and a pair of shorts for the examination. This preparation allows our Podiatrist to conduct a thorough assessment, checking your posture, muscular condition, and joint function as necessary.

1. Assessment Overview

During the Biomechanical/Musculoskeletal Assessment, our Podiatrist employs a multi-faceted approach to gather vital information. This includes a detailed history of the problem, a visual assessment of your existing footwear, and various posture evaluations, encompassing lying, seated, and standing positions. Joint movement, muscle strength, and foot shape are scrutinized to provide a comprehensive understanding of your condition.

2. Diagnosis and Treatment Discussion

Following the assessment, our Podiatrist will provide a clear diagnosis of your condition. Subsequently, a detailed discussion on the range of treatment options available will take place. The goal is to reduce pain and enhance your overall function.

3. Diverse Treatment Modalities

Treatment options may encompass a variety of approaches tailored to your specific needs. These can include topical treatments, exercise rehabilitation therapy, advice on appropriate footwear, prescription medications, minor surgical interventions, shockwave therapy, and the consideration of orthotics to optimise your foot health.

Your active participation in this collaborative process is key, and our Podiatrist is committed to working with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that aligns with your goals and enhances your overall well-being.

Steve Carter

Steve Carter

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