Fungal Nail

Treatment for Fungal Nail Infection

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What causes Fungal Nail infection?

  • Trauma – stubbed toes, cracked or split nails, lifting nails
  • Incorrectly fitting footwear with insufficient toe room
  • Humid, moist work environments or sporty activity can increase the risk of infection
  • People with diabetes are at more risk, as are others with suppressed immune systems
  • Pedicures and manicures salons are a common source of infection if shared equipment has not been sterilised
  • Shared nail polish can be a source of infection
  • Athletes Foot can spread to nails causing fungal nail infection

What are the symptoms of Fungal Nail infection?

  • Chalky-white, yellow or brown discolouration
  • Thickened or distorted nails which can become claw-like and painful
  • Loose, lost or brittle/crumbly nails. White patches on the nail bed
  • Skin near nail can become infected, flaky, inflamed and painful
  • Athletes foot infection of the skin – dry, cracked, scaly skin and can infect the nails
  • Foot odour or itchy feet
  • Fungal infection can easily spread to additional nails and to others very easily
  • Having fungal nails can often cause social anxiety and embarrassment