Verruca treatment with Swift Microwave Therapy is the new alternative to painful cryotherapy, acids and ablative lasers.

This effective verruca and wart treatment using Swift Microwave Therapy is a UK innovation. It is a breakthrough treatment for patients looking for fast and effective treatment of verrucae and warts.

Swift verruca treatment provides patients with an easy, effective and precise way of treating viral plantar warts (verrucae).

There are a number of benefits to Swift verruca treatment:

  • No anaesthetic required.  Patients report that discomfort only lasts 2-3 seconds and dissipates instantly once the treatment is over, leaving only low levels of post-procedural pain*.  Patients can return to normal daily activity after undergoing this pioneering therapy for verrucae.
  • Only minimal lesion reduction is necessary.  Only a light debridement of the verruca is necessary to ensure a clean surface contact with the Swift applicator.  With other traditional treatments, heavy debridement is often required, which can cause severe discomfort for the patient.
  • No dressings are usually required, as microwaves do not break the surface of the skin.  Therefore, the necessity for post-procedural padding or dressings is greatly reduced.

*According to feedback from an independent clinical study.

swift microwave verruca therapy

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